House GOP Plans Health Reform Repeal Vote In January.

Dow Jones Newswire (11/3, Vaughan, subscription required) reports that House Republicans intend to propose a vote to repeal the healthcare law early next year, although any such legislation will likely stall in the Senate, where Democrats are expected to retain the majority. Experts say that the real fight over implementation of the law will occur after that vote.

The Hill (11/3, Lillis) reports in its Healthwatch blog, “House Republicans plan to vote early next year on legislation repealing the new healthcare reform law.” Commenting on the vote, Rep. Charles Boustany (R-LA) said, “I believe we’ll see a vote very quickly. … Whether or not there’s a willingness of the Senate to move in that direction, it’s important to have the vote.”

Bloomberg News (11/3, Litvan, Armstrong) notes, “House and Senate Republicans already have written at least 30 bills to roll back provisions in the law. The success of some efforts would mean WellPoint Inc. and competing health insurers may escape regulations to set their patient care spending, while Boston Scientific Corp. and other medical-device makers dodge $20 billion in tax increases in the next decade.”

CBS News (11/3) reports in its Political Hotsheet blog, “Current House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, R-Va., is expected to be the new majority leader in the House with Ohio Rep. John Boehner as speaker.” CBS interviewed Cantor “following the news that the Republicans will take control of the House” in January, and Cantor said that “tonight’s election is about listening to the people, and that was the message that’s being sent across this land is they don’t like this healthcare bill, and they want to see us focus on jobs, and there’s just been no results that match the expectations of the people. … So I believe that when we take majority of in January, I hope that we’re able to put a repeal bill on the floor right away because that’s what the American people want.”

Reuters (11/3, Colvin, Mason) also quotes Cantor as saying, “We will repeal the trillion-dollar healthcare bill that threatens to bankrupt…this country,” and “we will get to work right away to reduce the deficit by cutting federal spending next year down to 2008 levels. That will save $100 billion in the first year alone.”

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