Health Reform Subsidy Calculator

Please follow the link to a Health Reform Subsidy Calculator from the Kaiser Foundation. It is a great tool to see whether or not you might be eligible for a subsidy.

The problem with Healthcare Reform is that it is constantly changing. This could be outdated by the end of the week. Many states are considering opting out of the Medicaid expansion of the Healthcare reform law. Medicaid is a state and federal partnership for funding, however in the PPACA law Federal funds dry up after a couple of years and the states are on the hook for the expanded medicaid costs.

There are a lot of factors that will determine whether or not you will be eligible for a subsidy including income, age, and family status.

Subsidies also depend on how much your current level of coverage costs and how much you pay for that coverage.

Take a poke at the calculator as I am curious to see what your thoughts are. Please post any comments you may have.

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