Obamacare Tax

One of the many taxes this bill brings forth will be a tax on HMO plans of 3.5%. Starting on the February renewal cycle, there will be a 3.5% excise tax on carriers. Insurance carriers will bear the cost of the tax which will ultimately be paid by employers and consumers. This is on top of trend (year over year cost from the carrier) and any other increase employers will bear in this renewal season. The other taxes that are going to be into effect will be the 3.8% tax on unearned income for people earning $250,000 joint or $200,000 single.
The other tax is tax rate on wages for Medicare Part A from 1.45% to 2.35%. It is a .9% increase in this tax.
There will be other taxes felt in the marketplace for medical device manufacturers. This will be felt by insurance companies and paid for by employer groups and consumers. This tax will be 2.3% on devices sold.

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