ACA’s Individual Mandate Penalty “Sharply Increases” In 2016.

National Journal  (11/6, Subscription Publication) reports that the ACA’s penalty for going without health coverage “sharply increases” in 2016 to “$695 per adult and $347.50 per child, or 2.5 percent of a household’s income—whichever is higher.” Whether it spurs people to get covered, however, “depends on whether or not uninsured Americans, or those thinking about leaving the exchanges, know about the individual mandate and its steep fee increase.” The article notes a Kaiser Family Foundation poll released last week “showed that only 15 percent of uninsured Americans knew when open enrollment was, compared to just 17 percent of the general public.” Additionally, “for some it still might be cheaper to pay the fee” than sign up for coverage.


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Mike Braun

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