The Three Myths of the Single Payer System


This is a presentation that debunks the Myth of Single Payer Systems are better. Please review the presentation.

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  1. jimmy1920 says:

    Man, I sure can understand that! Just hope its favorable!

  2. jimmy1920 says:

    Like you I am in the business. Like you, I could find myself without a job if a single payer system were implemented.
    It has taken me a long time to arrive at this position. But after 25+ years in various employee benefit roles, I have arrived at the conclusion that our employment based system is fundamentally flawed.
    It would take me more time that I have today to respond to your issues point by point.
    Let me make a couple of points.
    Access. The real issue is access to access. In this country there are 40 – 70 million uninsured people – depending on who you believe. For them concerns about waiting for elective surgery are laughable.
    Better Outcomes You don’t make your point. I might agree with you that some elements of public health are independent of health care. So?
    Lower Costs You seem to support the case that our system is more expensive. And taxes? If you count the cost of health care here as a tax and compare that to tax supported health care systems – you might have a fairer comparison.
    In general, in what other arena do Americans use other counties where we have lesson to be learned.
    Why are you more concerned about some one in Canada who has to wait for elective surgery, than someone who can’t go to work because he has no insurance or money for the physical exam required by his job.
    We have a system that is so fractured and fragmented that it impedes the delivery of care.
    It needs to be fixed.
    I would rather see constructive ideas for change.

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